Creature Age

How old are you in dog years? OK, smart one, that was easy. How old are you in elephant years? It’s a bit tougher to figure that one out, isn’t it? Well, no more. We have created an app that allows you to know your creature age within seconds. Perfect for curious children and their kid-like fathers and mothers, this app features neat photography of animals, too. And you just never know when you might want to find out your creature age. You might see a horse in a pasture and think, “What would it be like to be that horse? And how old would I be right now?” You might be cowering in a bush while a bear passes by, and you might think, “If he eats me right now, and I die, what age will I be in bear years at the time of my death?” And now you have the answers.

Creature Age includes:

  • 29 creatures to choose from, each with a cool photo. (More to come in future releases!)
  • Conversion of your age to each creature’s age.
  • Information about each creature’s lifespan.
  • Explanation of what your creature age means.

Privacy Policy

Creature Age does not collect any user-identifiable personal information at this time, nor do we currently have any plans to do so. In the credits section of the app, we do provide a link to our website and a non-linked (plain text) email address with which to contact us with questions or comments. If you email us, we'll hold onto your email address unless you tell us not to, in order to respond to you and, very rarely, perhaps to let you know of updates or new apps we've developed. You can unsubscribe at any time. We will never share your address with a third party. Parents, please don't let your children under the age of 13 email us directly. Rather, work with them to email us through your email address.

Photo Credits

Most of the photos used in Creature Age come from the WikiMedia Commons and are licensed under Creative Commons licenses or in the public domain. Some photos we took ourselves. Here are the photographers for each of the photos you'll find in Creature Age:

Earth, by NASA!

Alligator, by James (scubadive67)

Anaconda, by Dave Lonsdale

Grizzly Bear, by Chad Teer

Polar Bear, by Ansgar Walk

Bonobo, by Psych USD

Female Cat, by Pirorino

Male Cat, by Lynne R. Lawrie

Cheetah, by Gary M. Stolz

Chimpanzee, by Thomas Lersch

Small Dog, by Steve-65

Medium Dog, by Thomas Vaclavek

Large Dog, "Hank the Dog," by Jamie Allen, co-creator of this app!

Bald Eagle, by Ken Thomas

Elephant, by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Ferret, Public Domain

House Fly, by Look Sharp!

Horse, by Pia Gaarslev

Captive Lion, Public Domain

Wild Lion, by Yathin S. Krishnappa

Mayfly, by Cameraman

Moose, Public Domain

Mouse, by Rama

Seahorse, by Aquaimages

Great White Shark, by

Eastern Gray Squirrel, by Nickomargolies

Tiger, by John and Karen Hollingsworth

Tortoise, by John5199

Blue Whale, by Anim1754

Wild Gray Wolf, by Retron